No time to lose. It’s Friday, the weather’s crap and it’s time to turn on my music centre and let it choose ten tunes at random. Then, I’ll tell you what they are.

  1. A Choir Of One by Thom Yorke. From the Radiohead man’s Suspiria: Music for the Luca Guadagnino Film soundtrack.
  2. I’m Gonna DJ by REM. Latter era rocker from the excellent Accelerate album.
  3. Victory Is Won by Santana. Gorgeous guitar from our Carlos, taken from his Shaman album.
  4. $1000 Dollar Wedding by Gram Parsons. Featuring Emmylou Harris, this comes from Gram’s truly wonderful album Grievous Angel, released in 1974, the year after he died.
  5. King Midas In Reverse by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Yes, the Hollies hit from the 1960s performed here by CSNY on their Four Way Street live album. Graham sings like an angel.
  6. Jodie by Rod Stewart and the Faces. For mine, nothing Rod has done in his career comes close to what he did with the Faces. Such a great band.
  7. Golden Lady by Stevie Wonder. From his excellent Inner Visions LP, this is an absolute belter.
  8. Fast Company by the Eagles. Amiable R&B plodder from the band’s final record Long Road Out Of Eden.
  9. We’re Together Again by the Beach Boys. A bonus track from a latter day pressing of 1969’s 20/20 album. More filler than killer.
  10. Capitol by David Crosby. Nearer to 80 than 70, Crosby is going through the most musically productive period of his life and this song from his excellent Sky Trails album is a marvellous example of his enduring brilliance.

That’s all, folks!