I hope you are enjoying this drab autumnal day every bit as much as I am. I’m here in my Man Cave, drinking Ethiopian coffee and spinning some discs. And now it’s time to set my music player free to select ten tunes at random and then I tell you what they are!

For this week, any maybe for any week, you can click on the title and actually hear the tune!

So, without further ado, let’s rock!

  1. You And Me Against The World by Badly Drawn Boy. A welcome return to Manchester’s finest Damon Gough, AKA Badly Drawn Boy, with a track from 2020’s Banana Skin Shoes, one of the records of the year.
  2. The Bends by Radiohead. Magnificent.
  3. Is Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today by the Stereophonics. From 1999’s Performance and Cocktails, Kelly Jones and the chaps remind us of what a good band they are. He has one of the great rock voices.
  4. Barrel Of Pain by Crosby, Stills and Nash. This Nash tune comes from the band’s 1983 album Allies, which is part live and part studio. (This is live.) Absolutely love it.
  5. Second Street North by Glen Campbell. A 35 second instrumental from the great man’s 2011 album Ghost On The Canvas. Not much to say other than he is greatly missed.
  6. Singing Wind, Crying Beasts by Santana. The great Carlos Santana has made some great music and continues to do so, but it’s unlikely he will make a better album than 1970’s Abraxas, from which this Doors-influenced song appears
  7. Born To Cruise by BC Camplight. Another candidate for album of the year, Brian Christinzio AKA BC Camplight gave us the wonderful Shortly After Take Off. These days, the New Yorker is a fully-fledged Manc.
  8. Theme from Z Cars by Johnny Keating and His Orchestra. Despite being Dirty Everton’s run out music, I absolutely love this.
  9. Fire Down Below by Graham Nash. Latter day Nash from 2016 and his superb album This Path Tonight.
  10. Dance (Fish and Chips Radio Edit) by Chanel Dance. Top Old School (Skool?) House.

That’s all, folks.