Everyday seems to be Friday at the moment. However, luckily for you, I always make a point of checking when it really is Friday in order to allow my musical device to play ten random tunes from my library and for me to tell you what they are. Otherwise you might get one shuffle a day.

So, with no further ado: let’s rock!

  1. I Will Not Leave You Alone by the North Atlantic Explorers. Lush tune from the Vancouver boys’ long player Skylines.
  2. This Is All I Ask by Harry Nilsson. Lovely cover of the Classic Gordon Jenkins song from the 1950s, appears on Harry’s A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the night.
  3. Sting O’ Luv by the Wondermints. Retro sounds made modern by the Mints from their Bali album.
  4. Summertime Cowboy by Husky Rescue. Some ambient electronica from Marko Nyberg’s musical project.
  5. Proud Mary by John Fogerty. The great man covers his own Creedence Clearwater Revival classic on his Premonition live album. Class is permanent.
  6. Born in the Echoes by the Chemical Brothers. The excellent Cate Le Bon co-writes and sings this tune from the geeky boys’ 2015 album of the same name.
  7. Buzzkill by Ash. Potty-mouthed title track of their 2015 long player. It rocks, as always.
  8. I Want It All by the Arctic Monkeys. From their 2013, AM record. On top form.
  9. Sleep by Todd Rundgren Feat. Joe Walsh. Some great names on Todd’s 2017 album White Knight and some great tunes, too, like this one.
  10. Let’s Get Married by the Proclaimers. Excellent from the Reid twins.

That’s all, folks!