The Friday Music Shuffle (17.11.23)

by Rick Johansen

Good afternoon grapple fans and welcome to the Friday Music Shuffle in which my music device selects ten tracks from my eclectic collection and I tell you what it’s chosen.

I hope you enjoy the music, enjoying some memories, perhaps, or finding something you’ve never heard before. Just click on the song title, listen and sing along.

‘Ere we go, 2-3-4.

  1. There There by Radiohead. Man, what a start. One of my favourite Radiohead tracks, from 2003’s Hail To The Thief.
  2. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed by the Allman Brothers Band. 13 minutes plus of sheer brilliance from their epic 1971 live album, At Fillmore East. More proof, if it were needed (it isn’t), that 1971 was the greatest year for music.
  3. Taking Care Of Business by Lindisfarne. Alan Hull’s devastating take down of the music business from my favourite Lindisfarne album, 1973’s Roll On Ruby.
  4. Holier Than Thou by Metallica. Classic Metallica from 1991’s eponymous album Metallica. I don’t think anyone does this stuff better.
  5. Lux by Empire of the Sun. Short instrumental from 2013’s excellent Ice On The Dune LP.
  6. Kör Biçaklarin Ucunda by Gaye Su Akyol. Some top Turkish indie from the brilliant Ms Akyol. From 2022’s Anadolu Ejderi.
  7. Goodbye by Dwight Twilley. And it was goodbye from the gifted Mr Twilley, who shuffled off his mortal coil on 18th October. Lovely, from 1999’s Tulsa.
  8. WhamRap! by Wham! Who’d have thunk it? Wham! on the shuffle. Well, I preferred everything by Wham! to everything George did as a solo artist, apart from A Different Corner. Superb.
  9. Lady D’Arbanville by Cat Stevens. Beautiful song from 1970 in which Cat sings about his ex girlfriend Patti D’Arbanville.
  10. Walk Between The Raindrops by Donald Fagen. The sheer genius of Steely Dan man Donald from his 1982 solo album The Nightfly. In any other week, a certain Desert Island Disc. But …

I’m a bit (a bit???) biased here and think this is as good a shuffle as there’s ever been. Today’s Desert Island Disc, though, was confirmed in the first second of Radiohead’s There There.

Thanks for listening.

Have a good week ’til next week.

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