The Friday Music Shuffle (15.12.23)

by Rick Johansen

Hi pop-pickers and welcome to this week’s music shuffle. Predictably, it’s the same tired old format whereby my music device chooses ten random songs from my collection and I tell you what it’s chosen. Just to add to the ‘fun’, if you click on the title of the track you can literally listen to it and, if you really, really want to, sing along.

If you’re still awake, then let’s rock!

  1. Spread Love (Nu:tone mix) by Lenny Fontana. Classic D&B by the new York DJ. Nice.
  2. Love To Love You by The Corrs. Back to 1995 with a track from 1995’s Forgiven Not Forgotten long player.
  3. The Morning Sun by Eddie Chacon. Sheer magnificence from Eddie’s album Sundown, which is my favourite album of 2023.
  4. Hopeful by Curtis Harding. What a great joint from Harding’s blindingly good 2021 LP If Words Were Flowers.
  5. Drag You Down by The Pierces. The wonderful Pierce sisters with a track from 2011’s You & I.
  6. That Someone Is You by R.E.M. 2011 again, this time with a belter from Collapse Into Now.
  7. Prester John by Animal Collective. We’re in 2022 and Panda Bear’s fantastic band have released Time Skiffs, a. record you should all own.
  8. Yours And Mine by Crosby, Stills and Nash. CSN’s 1990 album Live It Up was not exactly a career high, to say the least, but this track is nice enough.
  9. Wrong ‘Em Boyo by The Clash. Jesus Christ – 1979 for this classic from the classic (too many classics – ed) album London Calling, which of course you do own. Don’t you?
  10. Haul Away Joe by Fisherman’s Friends. And finally, it’s 2010 yet again. This is from Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends. Lovely.

People are always asking me, translated as no-one has ever asked me, what the 11th song was and I can reveal that today it’s Life On Mars by David Bowie.

Anyway, this weeks’ Desert Island Disc – hmm. It’s a close thing but I’ve decided to go with Hopeful by Curtis Harding simply because it’s so fucking good.

Have a good week ’til next week.

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