What day is it? Friday. And what happens on Friday? My music device selects 10 tunes from my collection and I tell you what they are. And, if you are so inclined, you can play along simply by clicking on song title! Exciting? Probably not, but anyway without further ado, let’s rock!

  1. Long Train Runnin’ by the Doobie Brothers. A classic from one of my all-time favourite bands.
  2. Birthday Suit by Beak. Geoff Barrow’s excellent band from their 2018 long player Beak 3.
  3. April’s Song by Real Estate. Lovely, jangly guitars tune from the American jangly guitar band.
  4. Something True by Harry Nilsson. Gorgeous tune from Harry’s 1976 record Sandman, this has a touch of John Lennon about it, possibly because many of the musicians on it worked with the great man.
  5. Ben Crawley Steel Company by The Move. Bev Bevan sings this Johnny Cash type song, written by the great Roy Wood. It comes from their album Message From The Country, which you all should own.
  6. Life Of Surprises by Prefab Sprout. Sheer genius from Paddy McAloon and the chaps.
  7. My Way by The Sex Pistols. Not exactly Ol’ Blue Eyes but the desperately untalented Simon Ritchie AKA Sid Vicious did a half-tidy job, as the Pistols slid back into irrelevance. Never Mind The Bollocks was a great album, mind.
  8. Die Happy by Sufjan Stevens. “I wanna die happy”, sings Sufjan, over and over again, on 2020’s brilliant The Ascension.
  9. Brides Of Jesus by Little Feat. From the Feat’s debut album Little Feat, this is beautiful. And it was released in 1971 which, as everyone knows, was the best ever year for music.
  10. Bush Doctor by Peter Tosh. Title track of Peter’s 1978 album of the same name, it features Keith Richards on guitar and issues some very dodgy medical advice.

That’s all, folks!