Greetings, pop pickers, and welcome to another fun-packed afternoon where my musical device plays ten tunes at random and I tell you what they are.

Welcome to my Man Cave and without further ado, let’s rock!

  1. You’ll Be Mine (Party Time) by Gloria Estefan. The theme song of our holiday at the Corfu Plaza, St George South on 2000. Those memories, eh?
  2. Neil Jung By Teenage Fan Club. Jangly guitars from the brilliant Scots indie rockers on their Grand Prix long player.
  3. Screams by the Blue Oyster Cult. Tune from their eponymous LP of 1972.
  4. Rhythm Of The Rain by Dan Fogelberg. Lovely old song covered wonderfully well on Fogelberg’s 1990 album The Wild Places.
  5. Lying In The Snow by the Bees.  The Isle of Wight’s finest from their Sunshine Hit Me record. Incredible band.
  6. (Don’t Go Back To) Rockville by REM. Unusually countrified music from the greatest rock band America ever produced.
  7. There’s A Touch by the Proclaimers. Well, it’s great, isn’t it?
  8. Holdin’ On by Skee-Lo. Some sampling of Simply Mick on this one. I don’t know why Skee-Lo wasn’t much bigger.
  9. Chains Of Love by Ryan Adams. The desperately talented but wayward Ryan with a lovely song from Ashes and Fire.
  10. Three Lions by the Lightning Seeds feat Frank Skinner and David Baddiel. When this came out, I thought this was the greatest football tune ever. Still do, actually.

That’s all, folks!