Looking out from my Man Cave, it could be a summer’s day. It’s only the fact it’s 5c that rather gives the game away. And winter doesn’t even start for two days. Anyway, it’s music time. I’m setting my iTunes to shuffle my collection and it’s going to churn out 10 songs in random order. I will then tell you what they are. So, without further ado, let’s rock!

  1. Abbots Leigh by Beak. Yes, that Abbots Leigh, just over the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Excellent from local lad Geoff Barrow.
  2. Fear Of Sleep by the Strokes. Classic Strokes from their First Impressions of Earth long player. Great band.
  3. Backside by the Strawbs. Blimey, this is going back a bit. An electric version of the acoustic folk legends.
  4. 36 Inches by Nick Lowe. From his greatest Jesus of Cool album. Such a talent.
  5. Cotton Jenny by Gordon Lightfoot. Happy to admit I love the Canadian folk legend and this is classic Gord.
  6. Movin’ On Up by Primal Scream. At their very best, here!
  7. Sweet Hitch-Hiker by Creedence Clearwater Revival. From the band’s final album, 1972’s Mardi Gras, which saw other band members contribute songs with sometimes disastrous results. Luckily, the album was almost saved by two blistering Fogerty tunes, including this one.
  8. Sleeping by the Dwight Twilley Band. One of my favourite bands of all time and all but unknown in the UK (and just about everywhere else). Love Twilley.
  9. Kicking The Gong Around by the Association. 1960s harmony band matured greatly in the early 1970s and produced the brilliant album Waterbeds in Trinidad, from where this great song comes.
  10. She’s Got Guns by the Go! Team. Brighton’s finest hip-hoppy, indie rocky band with a song from Semicircle. Lovely.

That’s all, folks!