What else to do on a Friday but to lock myself in the Man Cave and listen to music? Very sadly, playing music at home will be one of the few pleasures we will be able to enjoy.

So, without further ado, I’m setting my musical device free to play ten songs at random which I shall then tell you about.

As we say, let’s rock.

  1. Throw The ‘R’ Away by the Proclaimers. Excellent from the boys from Auchtermuchty.
  2. Reverence by Faithless. Trip-hop beauty from Maxi Jazz and the band.
  3. Butcher’s Tale (Western Front 1914) by the Zombies. From their 1968 classic album Odessey and Oracle, one of the best British albums of all time.
  4. Too Short by Michael McDonald. Great tune from the sometime and current Doobie Brother, from his 2017 album Wide Open. Surely the best blue eye of them all.
  5. On the Dunes by Donald Fagen. From the Steely Dan man’s second solo album, the wonderful Kamakiriad, it’s wonderfully futuristic and optimistic.
  6. What I Do by Donald Fagen. From the Steely Dan man’s third solo album from 2006, Morph the Cat, Fagen described this as his “death album”. The great tunes belie the dark lyrics.
  7. See What Love Did To Me by Yusuf/Cat Stevens. From Cat’s fine 2017 comeback album The Laughing Apple.
  8. Microphone Fiend by Fun Lovin’ Criminals. Huey and the boys from the Loco long player.
  9. Everybody by Madonna. From Madge’s 1987 dance album.
  10. Let Me Sing And I’m Happy by Al Jolson. All the way back to 1930, this is classic Jolson.

Stay safe, everyone. x