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The Day After

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The fact that, at peak viewing, the royal wedding attracted 18 million viewers proves that it was regarded by a significant minority of people as A Big Deal. The fact that some 42 million people didn’t watch it suggests that the fawning, gushing media coverage did not move the silent majority, of whom I am one.

I think it says a great deal about our country that the 42 million of us who are somewhere between not bothered about the event to being actively opposed to the monarchy stayed relatively quiet about it, refusing to be party-poopers towards those who loved to watch somebody else’s wedding on television.

We need to remember that very few people, especially young people, actually read newspapers, so when the gutter press produces its souvenir editions today it will pass most of us by. Even the most popular red tops like the Sun and the Mail are read by barely a couple of million, even on a good day. But the people who do buy the papers are the same people who will have endured yesterday’s love-in. So there is no point in me being critical of, say, the Mail which doubtless pleased its readers by including casual racism in its coverage leading up to The Big Day. They will have enjoyed the crass intrusion as much as they enjoyed the coverage today. It’s why they buy it.

So, we’re a tolerant nation again, just for today. Or rather yesterday. Today, we resume normality and the impending disaster that is Brexit. Harry and Meghan gave us a day off from the poisonous intolerant nation we have become but a smile doesn’t last forever. Now we can get back to once again hating anyone of colour, who have migrated to this country, so long as they are not the Duchess of Sussex. And if you’re the Daily Mail, you can just hate everyone because that’s your job.

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