The Canadian Music (Non) Shuffle

September 2023

by Rick Johansen

I missed a trick when we were in Canada. I should have done a Canadian music shuffle. But it didn’t occur to me, so here instead is a pretend shuffle of Canadian songs I love.

Do click on the title and sing along:

  1. Lovin’ You Ain’t Easy by Pagliaro. So it’s like the Beatles? What’s wrong with that. Superb chune from 1971.
  2. Downtown by Neil Young. Classic Old Shakey, with Pearl Jam as the backing band.
  3. Christian Island by Gordon Lightfoot. Back to 1972 with a lush track from Don Quixote.
  4. She’s Keepin’ Time by Bachman Turner Overdrive. Cracker from 1975’s Four Wheel Drive, with shades of Deep Purple’s Bloodsucker.
  5. Everything Now by Arcade Fire. Here the band embrace their inner Abba. Magnificent.
  6. River by Joni Mitchell. A Christmas song from 1971’s Blue.
  7. Spirit of the Radio by Rush. The only Rush song you ever get to hear on mainstream radio, it’s so fucking good.
  8. Suzanne by Leonard Cohen. Bit of a genius was our Len.
  9. In Too Deep by Sum 41. What a great joint this is.
  10. Into The Blue Sea by the North Atlantic Explorers. In 2014, Glenn D’Cruze made an album called My Father Was A Sailor, all about his father who was in the British Merchant Navy. It could have been about my dad, who was also in the Merchant Navy. Lovely track.

The Canada Desert Island Disc is the exciting number one song Lovin’ You Ain’t Easy by Pagliaro.



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