I was hitting and losing a shed load of golf balls last Friday, so the weekly music shuffle from my Man Cave was delayed.

But now, in order to bring about your disappointment, here via some blue teeth thru a lovely little speaker system is a random shuffle of music.

Welcome my friends to the show that never ends.

1. Heaven’s What I Feel by Gloria Estefan. A lovely little dance ballad (yes, really) by the lovely Cuban/American.

2. Jesus Was A Cross Maker by Judee Sill. Sill, who died in 1979 from a drug overdose, made some lovely music in her short life and this was the best of it. My iPod plays a live version, but the studio version was produced by Graham Nash whose band Crosby, Stills and Nash toured with her in the 1970s. Beautiful.

3. I Think I Can by Animal Collective. Not quite the Beach Boys meet Kraftwerk, but lush harmonies mixed with gorgeous synths in this little gem from their EP Fall To Be King.

4. The Other Side by Public Service Broadcasting. This is from the magnificent The Race for Space long player and, yes, it’s magnificent, all about Apollo 8 including real transmissions from Mission Control, Houston. The Other Side is the other side of the moon.

5. Tears in the Morning by the Beach Boys. Slightly sugary, lightweight Bruce Johnston tune from the Beach Boys’ best band album, Sunflower, rescued by some gorgeous harmonies.

6. The Great Pagoda of Funn by Donald Fagen. Tight as a duck’s arse, some jazz funk from the 2006 album Morph the Cat, featuring Steely Dan touring players Keith Carlock (drums) and Jon Herington (guitar).

7. Play Dead by Bjork and David Arnold. Some wonderful trip hop from Iceland’s finest. This reminds me of a holiday on the White Island some ten years after its release, the music drifting from a nightclub as we wandered back to our hotel near San Antonio.

8. Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen. The opening track on Born to Run which will always be one of the greatest records ever made. Listen to the album in its entirety one evening when the sun is going down and feel the atmosphere. It’s incredible.

9. Autumn Leaves by Coldcut. Some lush electronica here from the London boys.

10. Goin’ Back by the Byrds. Sung by Chris Hillman, this record is 50 years old. And Carole King wrote it, along with Gerry Goffin.