Actions have consequences. Like the stupid woman who tried to storm the flight deck of a Jet 2 aircraft from Stansted to Turkey and has been sent a bill for the cost of the plane’s diversion: £85,000. She was an idiot and I feel no sympathy. In Bristol today, we learned of something that could shame Extinction Rebellion.

The climate change group effectively closed the M32, causing gridlock. Allegedly, a man had been summoned to the Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) because his father was dying. He told Radio Bristol he was caught up in the mayhem and got to the hospital too late. I approach stories like these with trepidation but until I hear otherwise I’ll believe it is true. In which case Extinction Rebellion should take a long, hard look at themselves.

There is no scientific debate about climate change. It is happening and all the evidence indicates that we are the cause. So it is entirely legitimate to publicise the reality and indeed protest about perceived government inaction. All well and good. But when people are very late for work, where vulnerable people miss out on social care (this has definitely happened today) and where a man is prevented being with his father as he dies, it’s a protest too far.

Although most people accept the evidence, we know they need to be informed of the available options society must take to save the planet. Making people’s lives a misery and bringing about something I would call a personal tragedy is probably not the best way of so doing.

I’d be interested to find out who the protesters are. I heard no Bristol accents on the media and learned that they came from far and wide, including Totnes in Cornwall, to disrupt our city today. I have my suspicions, based upon the chip I have on each shoulder, that they were not common or garden working class people. I doubt too that they are from the ranks of the unemployed. To me, they looked like the typical hipsters and middle class trendies who have taken over large swathes of Bristol. They didn’t look or sound like anyone I know.

One speech, one TV show, by David Attenborough is of far more benefit to the fight against climate change than the actions of the anarchists who today blocked the M32. And he gets people onside by explaining the facts, carefully and patiently.

This lot were a disgrace and if the story about the man missing his father’s death turns out to be true, they should suspend their protests this week before hanging their heads in shame.