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That Sunday afternoon music shuffle (3/12/17)

Comments Off on That Sunday afternoon music shuffle (3/12/17) 03 December 2017

That Sunday afternoon music shuffle (3/12/17)

Despite popular demand, I’ve returned to my Man Cave for an extra special, which is to say, a normal, bog standard iPod shuffle on a Sunday afternoon, in addition to last Friday’s shuffle.

This involves setting the iPod to shuffle and seeing what the old bugger chooses to play. So welcome, my friends, to the show that never ends. Let’s rock.

1. Do It Again by the Beach Boys. Summer music for the third day of the meteorological winter.

2. Sunset by Nitin Sawhney. From his brilliant Prophesy long player, some lush trip hop from India/Rochester’s finest.

3. Hey Joe by the Marmalade. What, don’t you mean Jimi Hendrix? No. Marmalade, that great Scottish pop band, will a cover form left field. And it’s very good, too.

4. I Can Feel by the Pierces. The beautiful and outrageously talented Pierce sisters with a tune from Creation.

5. Flesh and Bone by the Pierces. Strange shuffle this, with another song from Creation. Lovely though.

6. Soma by the Strokes. Is this it, asks the album. Yes it is, but what an ‘it’.

7. Vitamin by Kraftwerk. Not that you’d know but this is a “live” version from the Minimum Maximum album. Ralf Hutter still going strong!

8. A Younger Man by Don Henley. The Eagles main man takes a trip back to his country roots with this little beauty from his Cass County record.

9. Sæglópur by Sigur Ros. Iceland’s finest from their excellent album Takk, meaning thanks. The pleasure is all mine.

10. I Set The World On Fire by the Thorns. Why the hell did they split up? Fabulous post CSN/Country rock with lush harmonies and fine tunes.

That’s all, folks!

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