I can’t help myself. Even though it isn’t spring, it feels like it. Even though it isn’t really warm, 12c in a cloudless sky with a mild breeze it feels warm. I’ve even got the door open in my Man Cave.

So, what the hell? The sun is shining, I have been playing music all day and now here is shuffle number two.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!

  1. Happy Together by the Turtles. Late 1960s harmony music from the USA, if it’s not the Beach Boys or the Association, it has to be the Turtles. Absolute belter.
  2. Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone by the Temptations. No description needed!
  3. Festival Times by the San Remo Strings. More wonderful Motown.
  4. Creedence Song by John Fogerty. From his Revival album, this is classic modern day JC Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival fame.
  5. (Da Le) Yaleo by Santana. From what was, I suspect, his last great album, Supernatural, Carlos is on top form, here. (On a point of information, the supernatural doesn’t actually exist but don’t let that spoil your enjoyment of this excellent record.)
  6. Going For the One by Yes. Bizarrely, this one starts like the Allman Brothers Band, until Jon Anderson reminds us who it really is.
  7. Woodstock by David Crosby. The Joni Mitchell classic revisited on Croz’s very latest album Here If You Listen.
  8. Venus by Television. From their epic Marquee Moon record. Everyone should own that.
  9. Helter Skelter by Roger Daltrey. Rog covers this Beatles belter on the Art of McCartney tribute record. The old boy shouts to reach the top notes these days, but it’s still unmistakably him.
  10. Feel The Groove by Little Feat. A rare vocal outing from Sam Clayton on this track from the excellent Down On The Farm album.

That’s really all, folks!