Morning all. It’s that time already. I’m in my Man Cave and all ready to allow my portable telephonic device to play ten random tunes and for me to tell you what they were. I know: absurd, isn’t it?

Anyway, here we go. Let’s play some music. Let’s rock.

  1. Bad by Michael Jackson. And, of course, it’s anything but bad; it’s brilliant.
  2. Steamboat by the Beach Boys. The album from which this latter-day Beach Boys tune came was Holland and it’s one of the very best they made. This really is about a Steamboat.
  3. Los Invisibles by Santana feat. Buika. This is from the great man’s 2019 record Africa Speaks, featuring the brilliant Spanish singer Buika. Exceptional, even by Santana’s standards and produced by Rick Rubin.
  4. Play It Cool by the Super Furry Animals. Gruff and the boys on top form from the Radiator long player.
  5. Hide U by Kosheen. Old school drum and bass, here. Quality.
  6. I’d Swear There Was Somebody Here by David Crosby. 1.19 of brilliance from Croz’s 1971 epic If Only I Could Remember My Name.
  7. Little Journey by the Avalanches. Lush little dish of samples prepared by the amazing Aussies from Since I Left You.
  8. Eyes to Pearls by Pink Floyd. This one comes from their most recent and almost certainly final album The Endless River.
  9. Rock Over You by Blake O. Dig that crazy disco beat. Or something.
  10. Money For Nothing by Dire Straits. Happy to admit I love Knopfler and his chaps, not least this one.

That’s all, folks!