At last it feels a bit like spring, not that it affects my geriatric iPod, as it swings into action for another random shuffle to share with people who really don’t give a toss. But here it is, live from my man cave.

Welcome my friends to the show that never ends.

1. Bodytalk by the Isley Brothers and Santana. Brilliant collaboration from their Power of Peace record. Ronald Isley still has the most gorgeous voice and Carlos can still play a mean guitar.

2. Everything She Wants (Remix) by Wham!. In my humble opinion, George Michael made all his best music in Wham!. It was nominally a group but it was really just him and much of his stuff is brilliant, timeless pop, like this one. This song is from their Make It Big album, by far his/their best.

3. All The Way From Memphis by Mott the Hoople. From their brilliant Mott album, the anorak in me remembers that Roxy Music’s Andy Mackay plays brilliant rock and roll sax on this one.

4. Rule The World by Take That. No apologies from me – I love this.

5. Wanderlust by Delays. Southampton’s finest with a song from their magnificent Faded Seaside Glamour album. Greg Gilbert has one of those great rock voices and his fight against cancer is inspiring. Would love to see them live again one day and maybe even hear some new music?

6. Neal’s Fandango by the Doobie Brothers. Absolute belter from the Stampede album, the Doobies summed up in three and a bit glorious minutes.

7. Everything In Its Right Place by Radiohead. Killer tune from Kid A.

8. White Whisper by Deep Forest. Voices from the African jungle set to glorious electronica. The World Mix album is wonderful.

9. Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen.

10. Roman Wall Blues by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Absolutely bonkers.

That’s all, folks!