A beautiful autumnal morning and for a short while I am taking a rest from sorting out the washing and doing the on-line shop to set my elderly iPod to shuffle.

So, from my Man Cave, welcome my friends to the show that never ends.

Let’s rock!

1. Road to Recovery by Midnight Juggernauts. Nice bit of Electronica to start the shuffle this week. Let’s dad dance!

2. White Line Fever by Airbourne. Very AC/DC by the Aussie rockers from their long player No Guts, No Glory.

3. I Can Remember by the Raspberries. Eric Carmen did his finest music with the Raspberries, although this song isn’t quite up there with his finest work.

4. Hope by Jack Johnson. From his Sleep through the Static album, Jack’s double-tracked voice provides some Hawaiian reggae, with echoes of Macca’s C Moon.

5. Downtime by Timothy B Schmit. The desperately talented Eagle and former Poco man with a track from his excellent Expando album. Lovely.

6. Me in Honey by REM (featuring Kate Pierson). Out of Time such a great record and on this track the shiny happy B52 herself duets with Michael. Great, great band.

7. Those Shoes by The Eagles. Henley sings this bluesy number from The Long Run but the highlight for mine is the voice box guitar duet between Walsh and Felder.

8. Wanderlust by Delays. Faded Seaside Glamour is one of my favourite albums by anyone and it is so sad that singer and writer Greg Gilbert is desperately ill with cancer. If you like great tunes, brilliantly performed then why not buy up their entire catalogue? Southampton’s finest band and one of Britain’s, too.

9. Tumbling Dice by the Rolling Stones. Recorded in 1971 (the best year ever for rock music) and released in 1972 as part of Exile on Main St, this is arguably the Stones last great song. It hasn’t dated a day. PS Check out Linda Ronstadt’s cover version. That’s nice, too.

10. Primer Coat by Drive-By Truckers. This is so effing good it doesn’t suffer by comparison to the Stone’s Tumbling Dice. The country rockers always deliver and the LP English Dreams is mint.

That’s all, folks.