Welcome my friends to the show that never ends.

As the sun shines over the village, it’s time to spin some discs, chosen at random by the iPod, amplified throughout my man cave.

Yes, it’s that moment you haven’t been waiting for: it’s the Friday Music Shuffle.

1. A Little Bitty Tear by Burl Ives. “A little bitty tear let me down, spoiled my act as a clown. I had it made up not make a frown, but a little bitty tear let me down.” One from my dim and distant childhood to start with here.

2. Girls in Their Summer Clothes by Bruce Springsteen. Not sure if the Boss is capable of writing a bad tune. This, from the Magic LP, is a cracker.

3. I’m Gonna Make You Love Me by Diana Ross and the Supremes and the Temptations. Not a bad Motown double header, here.

4. Life on your own by the Human League. Old Phil sure mad some mighty fine music in his time.

5. Oh Baby, Don’t Loose Your Lip on Me by James Taylor. A wee curio from the mighty Sweet Baby James album. Proper blues, like.

6. The Good Life by Tony Bennett. No, not the one with Tom and Barbara. This one, this bloody great one.

7. Chain Lightning by Steely Dan. Live from 1993, from the Green Flower Street album. Full of jazz, full of blues; not really trying that hard TBH.

8. The Awakening by York. Nice bit of Friday trance.

9. My Dynamite Will Blow You Sky High (and Get Ya Moanin’ After Midnight)” by Airbourne. From their No Guts, No Glory LP, here are the Aussie rockers who permanently damaged my left ear at a Bristol gig a few short years ago. Great memories (of being to hear properly, that is).

10. Golden Cage by the Whitest Boy Alive. The brilliant but sadly now defunct Whitest Boy Alive with some decent electronica.

That’s all, folks!