You know it’s nearly the weekend when this daft sod does his weekly music shuffle. And so here it is. Ten tunes played at random on my portable telephone, with me telling you dreary information about them.

I’m back in my Man Cave and it’s time to go. Let’s rock!

  1. What You Do To Me by Teenage Fan Club. Up there with Scotland’s finest, this jingly-jangly guitar-based tune comes from their marvellous Bandwagonesque long player. Such a great band.
  2. Sail On Sailor by the Beach Boys. An absolute classic from their wonderful Holland album. Only Carl Wilson from the classic line-up appears on this song, singing backing vocals and playing both guitar and piano but the lead vocal is handled by Blondie Chaplin, one of two South Africans who joined the band in the early 1970s.
  3. Jesus of Rio by David Crosby and Graham Nash. A Nash song all about the unequal distribution of wealth in this great city. The unmistakable voice of James Taylor can be heard prominently. From their 2004 album.
  4. Beethoven: Symphony #9 (Abridged) by Wendy Carlos. Brilliant electronic cover from Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.
  5. It’s You by the Coral. Superb tune from their album Distance In-between. Seriously underrated band.
  6. The Ipcress File by John Barry. Yes, this really is the theme of The Ipcress File, the Michael Caine movie from 1965.
  7. 50/50 by Crosby, Stills and Nash. Very South American until the unmistakable CSN voices spring into action. Lovely.
  8. Kind Woman by Buffalo Springfield. Some gentle country music from Stephen Stills and Neil Young and their 1960s band.
  9. Streets of Baltimore by Gram Parsons. From his brilliant 1973 album, here the late, great Gram sings alongside the ever wonderful Emmylous Harris. You really don’t want to read the circumstances of his death and cremation.
  10. Hello Susie by Amen Corner. Andy Fairweather Low is still making fine music and this is one of his 1960s hit singles. Excellent.

That’s all, folks!