Yes, it’s here again. Just when you were settling down to watch two unemployed people get married on national telly, it’s that time when the elderly iPod starts shuffling at random, belting out some tunes live from my Man Cave.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.

Let’s rock!

1. SHC by Foster the People. From 2016s excellent Sacred Hearts Club. Quality pop music.

2. Master Blaster (Jammin’) by Stevie Wonder. A real belter in Steven’s top album, the Definitive Collection. According to Wikipedia, back in 2014 Ed Sheeran covered this on the Jools Holland Hootenanny music show. Very glad I missed that one.

3. Suite for 20G by James Taylor. From his epic Sweet Baby James record, this is just gorgeous. And if you add on Carole King on piano, well, it’s that good.

4. The 3 Rs by Jack Johnson. Hawaii’s finest sings about the environment and how we should all “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle”. He’s right, you know.

5. The Good Samaritan by the Pierces. The drop dead gorgeous Pierce sisters sing a lush tune from their You & I long player.

6. The Crash of Angel Wings by the Waterboys. This one is on 2007s Book of Lightning, proving that there’s more to Mike Scott than Whole of the Moon, even though he can’t possibly write another song as good as that one.

7. Right on by Silicone Soul. Old school dance music from the turn of the century.

8. When the Deal Goes Down by Bob Dylan. Epic from his Modern Times album.

9. Chevrolet by ZZ Top. Classic stuff from the Rev Billy F Gibbons and his chums in a song from the Rio Grande Mud long player.

10. Beach Boys by Weezer. And finally, this beauty from Weezer’s 1017 album Pacific Daydream.

That’s all, folks!