It’s not that old iPod shuffle anymore. I’ve finally got a portable telephone that can hold old my music and twice as much again and it’s that baby who is going to play 10 songs at random today. And for no reason at all, I am going to tell you what they were.

So welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!

  1. Cellophane by Wondermints. From their epic album Bali. You should hear the title track, the majority of which is waves washing over a beach. The best band who never made it.
  2. Patience by Take That. When they all knew they could never make it alone, Gary got the band back together and made this. If you ask me, they’ve rather overstayed their welcome now, but given the overall sum is vastly more significant than the individual parts, who can blame them for milking it for so long?
  3. Endless by Toto. From their Isolation album. I think it’s Marmite, that is absolutely wonderful. Unless you don’t like Marmite (or Toto).
  4. Concert Pitch by Empire of the Sun. One of the greatest Aussie bands. This washes over you. Gorgeous.
  5. Seven Falls by Laura Veirs. I don’t know how to categorise her stuff. It’s folky, country-ish and above all lovely. From her 2018 album The Lookout
  6. A Whiter Shade of Pale by Procul Harum. Fancy having a record as good as this for your first hit single? What next? Carry on playing it for the next 52 years? Oh yes!
  7. Faithless Love by J D Souther. Such beauty from the Californian songsmith.
  8. Seven Naked Valleys by Graham Coxon. His solo stuff is criminally underrated. This is high class rock and roll from the Blur Man.
  9. How Much I’ve Lied by Gram Parsons. From the album cleverly named GP, here Gram sings along with the divine Emmylou Harris.
  10. Find the River by REM. I’m a big fan of mid to late period REM, even when they went a bit quiet. Automatic for the People is a stellar record.

That’s all, folks!