It’s Friday, I am about to be unemployed for the first Christmas since 1973 but starting a new job early in the New Year and I am, in the immortal word of Pharrell Williams, happy.

Added to that:

My New European just arrived
So did Private Eye
And Mojo
Not to mention tickets to see Field Music early next year
Oh and my rubbing alcohol (don’t ask)
I’m going out with she who must be obeyed and son number two for his birthday meal tonight (even though his birthday was in May)
I’m going to the football tomorrow with some of the best people on the planet, especially the non-comedy duo Wise and Wise
We’re going to see Roy Wood next week in Weston
I still haven’t started reading today’s Grauniad
It’s a perfect autumnal day, with the sun blazing through unbroken blue skies

There’s more, but I can’t be arsed with that right now. Instead, it’s time to set loose my elderly iPod to shuffle its music at random and see what happens next.

Welcome, my friend, to the show that never ends. Live from my Man Cave. Let’s rock!

1. Close Your Eyes by the Chemical Brothers. This is the tune that gets us going for a Friday morning. From the splendid Push The Button long player. Well lush, this, and nothing like their usual electronic style.

2. Dear Jessie by Madonna. Still love Madge and own almost every record she ever made. And not many albums are better than Like A Prayer from which this little beauty comes from.

3. Soul Elevator by Deep Forest. Some gorgeous left field music from France’s finest, here, from the superb Music Detected album.

4. Knock Knock by Matt Berry. Some weirdly psychedelic folk music here from the excellent actor chap Matt Berry taken from his LP Kill The Wolf. Kind of gushes over you in a nice way.

5. All We Need Is An Island by Sammy Hagar. Here, Sammy duets with Heart’s Nancy Wilson in a very un-Sammy way, with more Hawaii than hard rock. It feels like summer again.

6. Too Much In Your Life by the Delays. One of my very favourite bands and a track from You See Colours. Frontman Greg Gilbert suffers now from stage four bowel cancer and secondary lung cancer. I hope he keeps fighting and wins that fight. So talented.

7. Heartbeat by Bad Company. Run the mill album filler from Paul Rodgers and the lads, redeemed by one of the great voices in rock.

8. Starshine by Gorillaz. Young Damon’s little side gig, typically eclectic and brave.

9. Love is Cold by Jay Ferguson. The great man, who was formerly in Spirit and Jo Jo Gunne, with a beaut from his solo album Thunder Island.

10. Good Vibrations (Concert Rehearsal) by the Beach Boys. From their wonderful bits and pieces album Hawthorne CA: Birthplace Of A Musical Legacy comes this absolute gem. Very fitting final track given my mood today.

That’s all, folks! Aye thang you!