In case you were wondering, we’re a couple of weeks into spring, the meteorological version thereof. I noticed it when my car was almost blown off course on the Avonmouth bridge this morning. Anyway, I need some musical cheer.

So what better than to retire to my Man Cave, to set my iTunes thingee to shuffle and let the music play at random? Nothing.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.

  1. Love’s Such A Mystery by Joe Vitale. One of my great music heroes and a lovely bloke to boot, here’s some great old fashioned rock from his blinding Speaking in Drums long player.
  2. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) (live) by Simon and Garfunkel. Perfect.
  3. ‘Til I Die by the Beach Boys. I had the Steve Desper mix of this song played at my mum’s funeral. This is the version from the wonderful Surf’s Up album. “I’m a leaf on a windy day, pretty soon I’ll be blown away. How long will the wind blow? Until I die”. That’s you, me and everyone else.
  4. All I Want by the Lightning Seeds. Lovely jangly guitar music from Mr Broudie and his Seeds.
  5. Warning by Green Day. From their very fine International Superhits album, Billie Joe and the chaps on top form here.
  6. Hayling by FC Kahuna. Some lush chill out Ibiza style music for a Friday afternoon.
  7. Make It Easy On Yourself by the Walker Brothers. Although they weren’t brothers and none of them were really called Walker, they made some great music, few better than this one. Scott Engel’s voice was superb.
  8. Good Times Bad Times by Led Zeppelin. Classic Zep. We can but hope they never reform and defile their memory. (Just my opinion, of course.)
  9. Three Women by Stereolab. Quality stuff from their Chemical Chords album.
  10. Why Try To Change Me Now by Bob Dylan. His Royal Bobness with an absolute beaut from his Shadows in the Night album, where he visits the Great American Song Book.