Blimey, is it Friday already? Yes it is, so what better to do than play some music on a random shuffle and then tell you what came forth from my own iTunes library.

The sun is shining, I am in my Man Cave, with only three cats, a jug of coffee and my 24/7 tinnitus to keep me company and it’s time to rock, as they say.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.

  1. Party Girl by U2. There was a time when I actually liked U2. I mean, even today there are still few better ‘live’ rock bands on the planet. I just can’t get over Bono being such a dick. But this is from their brilliant Under A Blood Red Sky album from way back. It’s great.
  2. U Know What’s Up by Donell Jones feat. Left Eye. Some modern R&B here. Mint.
  3. Plug Me In by George Harrison. George’s first solo record after the Beatles split up was the breathtaking All Things Must Pass. This pulsating instrumental rock jam didn’t make the original record, appearing later as a ‘bonus track’ on re-release.
  4. The First Cut is the Deepest by Sheryl Crow. The best of the many covers of Cat Stevens’ 1967 tune.
  5. Boys Keep Swinging by David Bowie. Classic Bowie, innit?
  6. Private Number by Judy Clay and William Bell. Stax classic from…gulp…1968.
  7. Believe Me by the Souther, Hillman, Furay Band. More than a hint of the Eagles, Byrds and Buffalo Springfield in this gem from the west coast chaps.
  8. Saddle Up by the Georgia Satellites. Old school driving rock from the American popular beat combo outfit.
  9. Tattooed Girl by Little Feat. Latter day Feat from their most recent record Rooster Rag.
  10. The Lebanon by the Human League. Phil Oakey sings about the Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon of 1982. Amazingly, it works.

That’s all, folks.