Jesus – is it Friday already? Yes, it probably is. In which case it is time to set loose my geriatric iPod and allow it to shuffle some tunes for this week’s Friday Music Shuffle.

So, here, all the way from my Man Cave…welcome my friends to the show that never ends.

1. Burnin’ Sky by Bad Company. Proper British rock band with a classic deep cut.

2. That Was Then, This Is Now by the Monkees. Modern times – well, 1986 – music from the Monkees who were in this case Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork.

3. Carry Me by Crosby and Nash. Sheer beauty from Crosby and Nash, without either Stills or Young.

4. Sally Cinnamon by the Stone Roses. Pretty good, eh?

5. Cash Machine by Hard Fi. From the excellent Stars of CCTV long player, Hard Fi didn’t last long but like Ali G they surely did Staines proud.

6. Hold Fire by Delays. If there was a God – and there almost certainly isn’t – he would surely not have put Greg Gilbert on this earth to sing so beautifully and make such great music and then give him bowel cancer. Makes me so sad and angry, whereas Greg’s music makes me so happy and warm.

7. Busy Being Fabulous by the Eagles. Everything about this song, apart from the song itself, is classic Eagles. And from this track off Long Road out of Eden shows off the still stellar singing skills of Don Henley.

8. More Than A Woman by the Bee Gees. Featuring Barry Gibb in full castrato mode from Saturday Night Fever.

9. Black Knight by Deep Purple. This tune only comes from 1970 and their In Rock album.

10. Double-O-Love by Dan Hartman. The desperately talented Hartman died in 1993 from an AIDS-related brain tumour. So sad. But he left an epic body of great music.

That’s all, folks!