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That Friday Music Music Shuffle (16/6)

1 Comment 16 June 2017

That Friday Music Music Shuffle (16/6)

Hello iTunes: I’ve been waiting for you.

It’s Friday, it’s nearly 3.00 pm and it’s time for some shuffling music live from my Man Cave.

Welcome my friends to the show that never ends.

1. It Just Don’t Stop by the Roots. Was it really 21 years since the mighty Roots released their hip hop classic long player Illadelph Halflife?

2. Lost in the Supermarket by the Clash. While I am going down the road of was it really X years since this album was released, how about this one from London Calling. Released in 1979. I mean, really.

3. No Time by the Monkees. From their album Headquarters, here Micky Dolenz sings some Rock N Roll.

4. Boogie On Reggae Woman by Stevie Wonder. From Stevie’s 1974 epic Fulfillingness’ First Finale, the great man sings and plays everything except the congas. More funk than reggae if you ask me, but who cares?

5. Cafe Del Mar (Michael Woods remix) by Energy 52. Close my eyes and I am there, watching the sun go down on the White Island, among the hippies and hipsters, drinking beer I can’t really afford.

6. Great White Lady by John Kongos. The great John Kongos at his best. All heavy percussion, Moog synths and a mixture of acoustic and electric guitars.

7. There’s a Space Between Us by Carole King. From Carole’s Thoroughbred album, featuring the likes of David Crosby, Graham Nash and James Taylor, the latter of whom is clearly audible on this track.

8. Beautiful by Carole King. A Carole King double today with a tune that lives up to its name from the Tapestry classic.

9. Put It There by Peter, Bjorn and John. From the Macca tribute album, the Art of McCartney, comes this cover of this tune from Flowers in the Dirt. Nothing special.

10. It’s Up To You by the Specials. Classic Jerry Dammers to end our sesh.

That’s all, folks!

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  1. alex says:

    lolzor pretty funny stuff here

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