Good morning and merry christmas to you all. And as promised – or was it, threatened? – here’s a random shuffle from my eclectic music collection for the big day.

Stuff that turkey: let’s go.

  1. Goodbye by Elton John. The final track of Reg Dwight’s 1971 album Madman Across The Water. I don’t think he’s got ever got near making another album as good as this.
  2. Sweet Mary by Weezer. Rivers and co from Pacific Daydream. Almost a touch of Phil Spector here!
  3. Deepest Blue by Deepest Blue (Jon Hopkins mix). Cleverly turned into a chill-out tune by the brilliant Mr Hopkins.
  4. Tower of Strength by Gene McDaniels. From 1961, this is just great. According to Wikipedia, Gary Glitter covered this tune when he was little old Paul Raven, long before he went onto…well, you know.
  5. One by Harry Nilsson. “One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever know,” points out Harry. He’s right.
  6. Dick Van Dyke theme by Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra. This is turning into more than a slightly bonkers shuffle, but what is not to love about Nelson Riddle?
  7. Rock and Roll Doctor by Little Feat. From their epic Feats Don’t Fail Me Now, here’s the late, great Lowell George.
  8. Home At Last by Steely Dan. Great tune from their classic and best album Aja, which just happens to be the best album ever made. Here’s the 1993 Green Flower Street radio broadcast version.
  9. Come And Go Blues by the Allman Brothers. My favourite Allman Brothers Band is Brothers and Sisters, from whence this beauty comes. Other tunes on the record include the gorgeous Jessica, which used to be the theme tune of Top Gear and Ramblin’ Man.
  10. Desoleil (Brilliant Corner) by Loyle Carner and Sampha. From one of 2019’s greatest albums, Loyle’s Not Waving But Drowning.

That’s all, folks!