As promised/threatened, there are two shuffles today. The first, already posted is my own. This one belongs to Mrs Eclectic Blue, the divine Cath.

So, here it is, Happy Easter everybody’s having fun.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.

  1. I’m Always Going to Love You by Dexys. Kevin Rowland never sold out, always refused the heritage shows and tours. Instead he made new music, like this one from his long player One Day I’m Going To Soar.
  2. So Nice by the Wondermints. One of the greatest bands on the planet, this tune comes from their magnificent album Mind If We Make Love To You and features Brian Wilson on backing vocals.
  3. Sound of Drums. Gotta love Kula Shaker. This from the album Peasants, Pigs and Astronauts.
  4. ’76 AKA the Slow Train by Lemon Jelly. Complete with samples from Albert Hammond’s I’m A Train, this little slice of gorgeous electronica comes from their ’64-’95 album.
  5. Inertia Creeps by Massive Attack. Classic Trip Hop from the Bristol boys.
  6. Broadway by the Clash. From Sandinista, this is just great.
  7. Jimmy Jazz by the Clash. More from Mr Strummer and the chaps, this time from the London Calling record.
  8. Arepa 3000 by Los Amigos Invisibles. Venezuela’s finest with the title track of their finest record to date.
  9. Tender by Blur. This is a deeply personal ‘break-up’ song and just beautiful.
  10. Fool That I Am by Kula Shaker. And finally, the talented Mr Mills sings a tune from the Strangefolk album.

That’s all, folks!