With the country still at war with itself – although hopefully not literally just yet – it is fashionable to criticise one’s fellow voters as being stupid, ignorant or worse. Given my academic and professional record, I can see why people describe me that way. I’m not going to call anyone stupid or ignorant in this blog. In fact, I suggest that some 41% of the electorate are the smartest ‘don’t knows’ in the land. They don’t know who the best PM is between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.

I would suggest that the 41% represents quite a coalition of voters, not just the don’t knows. As a bit of a political anorak, I struggle to work out who out of May and Corbyn is the worst. Both have taken mediocrity to a new, miserable low level. I’m not sure I could put up a convincing argument to say which was best.

David Cameron unquestionably wins the award for worst PM ever. Forget his efforts at flinging austerity at the poorest people in the land – most Tory PMs do that – or making the lives of the sick and disabled even more miserable than they already were. Calling a referendum on our EU membership set the country on fire, a fire that is set to burn for years, possibly decades, to come. History will look poorly back at a man who inflicted massive division on the country in what was really a narrow, party political insight. As leaders, though, May and Corbyn sink to new levels of ineptitude.

Neither the PM or the leader of the opposition (LOTO) are great thinkers. They have no new ideas, always assuming they have any ideas at all. Neither can think on their feet, one – Corbyn – reflects the narrow far left of Labour politics (and beyond), including a long held desire for a hard Brexit, whereas May has no obvious political philosophy at all, other than sucking up to the basket case hard right Brexiters. They are the worst of the worst.

May languishes on 36% as best PM in the polls, presumably supported by those who think she is not as bad as Corbyn, rather than much better. The amazing aspect for me is that an amazing 20% of the electorate – that’s literally one in five voters – think Corbyn would make the best PM. Far be it for me to belittle the views of these voters – in which I include May’s supporters – but I ask this simple question: what are they thinking about?

Love or hate someone like Thatcher – and I still hate her as much as I did when she was still alive – no one can deny the impression she made as PM. Even though she single-handedly destroyed our manufacturing base, privatised most of the things we owned, ran down the NHS and schools and encouraged everyone to be greedy and sod everyone else, you would not compare the wretched Maybot to her. And whilst Tony Blair’s name is not perhaps what it was when he became the only Labour leader to win an election (three, actually) since I was first able to vote in 1975, can anyone see Corbyn, the Magic Grandpa himself, a man with a horrible history of meeting and indulging actual terrorists, as well as never having held a meaningful role in politics until he accidentally became Labour leader, running the country? The 41%, of whom I am one, have no doubt. No chance.

If anything shows the vacuum in British politics whereby we are devoid of leadership, direction, vision and actual policies at a time of cataclysmic change. An unprincipled Tory PM, who is a closet remainer but now campaigns for the hardest possible Brexit and an unprincipled accidental LOTO who pretends to support remain but is, and has always been, the hardest Brexiter imaginable, to all intents and purposes, in the words of Nick Cohen, a disaster socialist, someone who needs a societal and economic disaster to introduce his brand of socialism in one country.

I can’t vote for any of this lot and neither can at least 41% of voters. But things will become much clearer in the next few years.

Soon, the Tories will ditch May and if they are fortunate choose someone who can walk and chew gum at the same time, appears vaguely competent and has some idea of what he or she is doing. If Labour stick with Corbyn, prepare for electoral catastrophe for the people’s party, especially when Magic Grandpa’s cult following wakes up to the fact that he’s no good and that everything they saw in his bizarre assent to party leader was merely smoke and mirrors and a rehash of the failed far left politics that sank Labour for 18 long years from 1979.

May is terrible, Corbyn is even worse but the best of them all is don’t know. Or quite possibly no one at all.