I’d like to start this blog with some facts. Neil Armstrong did go to the moon. The world is not controlled by lizards. The Loch Ness monster does not exist. There. What’s true and what isn’t. Then, one of the greatest diplomats on earth, Sir Kim Darroch, our man in Washington, is victim of a sting when his emails are leaked to a far right journalist. A friend suggests to me, in all seriousness, that he fears a ‘soft coup’ is taking place. In all seriousness, I think he could be right.

Part of Darroch’s role, a critical part of it, is to provide an unbiased assessment of events to the prime minister. Ambassadors everywhere have always done this. Our man in Washington opines what we all know, that Donald Trump is, and here I paraphrase, a class A lunatic and his administration is a shambles. Next thing, his emails land on the desk of the far right journalist Isabel Oakeshott.

Oakeshott’s story appeared, to no one’s surprise, in the Daily Mail. Immediately, Donald Trump launched a blizzard of tweets attacking Sir Kim, as well as Theresa May. Seriously unpleasant stuff, saying that he would in future refuse to work with Sir Kim.

Others joined in. Nigel Farage, friend of Donald Trump and architect of the catastrophic Brexit vote in 2016, called for the ambassador to be axed. Andy Wigmore, better known as Leave EU’s bankroller Arron Banks’s bag-carrier, condemned Sir Kim, saying that “we will drain the swamp”. Is this all a complete coincidence? Wigmore is the swamp.

Oakeshott is close to Banks, who of course is close to Farage and of course Trump. Hard Brexiters one and all. Sir Kim Darroch is, and has always been a remainer. With the UK virtually begging America for a post EU trade deal as we cut our ties with Europe, the question we ask is this: is everything linked? Would Sir Kim have been axed had he been a Farage approved hard Brexiter? Draw your own conclusions and don’t avoid the bleeding obvious.

All the signs point to this being a political leak of documents, one designed to undermine the civil service, taking down at the same time our ambassador to the USA.

There are dark forces at work. We know the main protagonists by name but there are more lurking in the shadows. We do need to know who leaked Sir Kim’s emails and why, we need to know if Ms Oakeshott has in her possession any other confidential government documents.

It would be a big surprise, given who is involved, that the whole wretched situation is not all about Brexit, the elephant in the room. This is as good a time as any not to believe everything that is written in the newspapers.

What happened to Sir Kim Darroch is unforgivable. And our next prime minister Boris Johnson pointedly refused to publicly support him before he resigned.

This is what ‘taking back control’ really means to the likes of Farage. One thing is for sure: it is not the people who are taking back control. It’s the people who have set this country on fire.