I’m not embarrassed – well not very embarrassed – to say that in recent years I have seen Take That twice at the Millennium Stadium, once with Robbie Williams and once without. I can assure you that the latter was far superior, with the band, such as it is a band, really going through the money-making motions in the former.

They’re touring again in 2015 and Take That are now downsizing big time.

The last tours were stadium tours where you pay an arm and a leg for a ticket to stand half a mile away from the band and watch them on big screens. This time, it’s an arena tour.

Granted that the arena tour is full of lengthy stays at grim aircraft hangar venues such as the 02 in London but then the last tours were multi-occupancies at Wembley Stadium. They’re on the way down.

Whether it’s down to cheeky chappy Robbie Williams, I have no idea. Or quite possibly the departure of the creative genius, the non singing, all dancing Jason Orange has brought things to a head.

Actually, Jason leaving is quite a big thing for me, although for reasons I don’t quite understand. Instead of there being two largely untalented band members, there’s arguably only one, Howard Donald, who doesn’t even dance as well as Jason, although his lead vocal on Never Forget was better than presentable. Barlow’s talents cannot be denied, anymore than his open support for David Cameron or own his creative tax arrangements, but he is surely a star whose star is waning? I like Mark Owen, a limited but enthusiastic performer, but no one is seriously saying his name would be in lights if he hadn’t auditioned and made the cut for Take That?

So I won’t be going this time or at any time in the future. I just about tolerated Gary when he did his bit to bring us the most horrible government of my lifetime(it was a very close thing), but I could never forgive a man who didn’t subsequently apologise for so doing. His tax affairs, at a time when many of his fans are working on zero hours contracts and the minimum wage, are not much better, are they?

Were Take That really back for good? Probably not. The signs of wear and tear to the band have been obvious for a long time and their last, maybe only, genuinely good album was Beautiful World was eight years ago. Much of the stuff since has been instantly forgettable. Never forget? We probably won’t but only as another footnote in musical history that reached a few gentle slopes but never reached the heights.