I do not know a great deal about Tara Palmer-Tomkinson who has died today, aged 45. I have never followed celebrity gossip magazines or TV reality shows, and I don’t really know what a hard-partying “it” girl is, so her fame never really crossed my radar, but she was someone’s daughter and someone’s friend. I hope she can find some peace now.

Palmer-Tomkinson was a product of our time, someone who was famous for being famous. She had no obvious talent to speak of, but in an age of celebrity, she gained a type of fame for taking drugs and attending parties. She could do other things, of course, but none of which could make her a living. She was a socialite and that was good enough for millions of people to buy newspapers and magazines to read about what she was up to. Indeed, her Sunday Times gossip column about her latest party-going activities, which was ghost-written for her, became one of the most popular parts of the paper.

The little I know about her is quite sad. Apart from drinking, taking drugs, going to parties and have ghost-written newspaper columns, there was nothing else to her. No depth, no obvious quality. Just a name that reached the headlines.

As ever, the tabloids will be out in force tomorrow, some paying tribute, others muck-raking, and people will vindicate the papers by buying them.

After a lifetime in the headlines, for no obvious reason, I hope the headlines tomorrow are about something else. Poor girl.