Returning to an old subject, it gladdens my heart to read that Brian Wilson’s back operation was a success. However, it saddens my heart to also read that he is to continue touring. I don’t see a positive side to it at all.

I am in various Brian Wilson/Beach Boys social network groups and it never fails to disappoint me just how many people are thrilled that Wilson is still touring. Since his wondrous return to live music, going back around 20 years, I have also been delighted to see him in concert performing the likes of Pet Sounds and Smile. Back in the early 2000s, Wilson seemed to have achieved the most unlikely comeback. Irretrievably damaged by excessive drug use and mental illness, the gigs I saw were joyous. He even made new music, most of which was dire but just once in a while it was brilliant. Now there is no joy.

A couple of years ago, Wilson toured with former Beach Boys Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin. It was little more than a greatest hits show, with Wilson himself a bit part performer; a touring jukebox. The great man didn’t seem to know where he was, staring through empty eyes at his teleprompter and walking unsteadily on the rare occasions he moved. It was not a great sight. I thought straight away that I hope this would be his final tour. It wasn’t. The nightmare goes on.

Of course, he might need the money, in which case it’s even more sad, an elderly man, being driven around the world just to make a buck. A man with a stellar back catalogue reduced to churning out the hits just to make ends meet.

Sometimes, it’s time to retire, to enjoy what’s left of the good life. Wilson’s songwriting career has been erratic at best since the mid to late 1960s. His classics are 50 years old, some even older than that. I make a point of avoiding at all costs the ghastly nostalgia festivals where bands and artists offer everything old and nothing new. If I want to hear old music, I’ll listen to the record.

And still I read how much Wilson enjoys the tour, how his management issue supposed quotes by him endorsing that unbelievable nonsense, also stating his wish to be back in the studio to make new music. This, perhaps, is the saddest thing of all.

The solo albums, with the exception of the eponymous Brian Wilson album, have been at best mixed and at worst abysmal. In his mid seventies, he will not write another Pet Sounds.

It grieves and saddens me to see the legend tarnished. I wish the old boy would call it a day.