If you are a Sun reader, can I ask you why? 30 years on since they wilfully lied about the tragedy of Hillsborough, the ‘newspaper’ continues to make our world uglier and darker. For taste reasons, I shall not repeat the tragic story about a significant part of the cricketer Ben Stokes’s life because it’s out there already. The Sun reports that Stokes has been “living with a secret family tragedy”. It’s not a secret anymore, is it?

Whilst it is the Sun and its ghoulish ‘journalists’ who write the stories, it is you, the Sun reader that makes it all possible. You buy the newspaper, presumably to read stuff like that. You are as low as the vermin who write it.

I’m not sorry if this offends. The people of Liverpool have made very clear what they think about what happened 30 years ago as 96 people lay dead and dying and the Sun’s shameful role in lying about it. They no longer buy the Sun. I suspect that as it’s only older people who actually buy newspapers these days, Liverpudlians never again will buy it. If you care about common decency and humanity and you still buy the Sun, have a good look at yourself in the mirror.

What if what happened to the family of Ben Stokes 31 years ago happened to you? Just because he is a sporting superstar and you’re not would not prevent the Sun dragging up the past if they thought they might flog a few extra copies. His agony could easily be yours.

Every day in every way, our media, especially the newspapers, sinks to new depths (and here I include my beloved Guardian for its vile editorial about David Cameron’s dead son). The reason for the Stokes story is to shock and so to sell newspapers and so to make money. There is no public interest story.

If you think it is okay to ruin lives in a newspaper, then carry on buying it. If you think it is not, you know what to do.