The odds of “Lord” Alan Sugar reading my blog are, I suspect, quite remote, but nevertheless I’ve got a message for him. The “business magnate” and reality TV show star has said we should all move to China if Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister. He has no need to worry about that because it’s not going to happen, but why doesn’t he do us all a favour and emigrate anyway?

Sugar fears that Corbyn could “shut down” London’s booming property market with sting-the-rich policies and controversial housing plans, as the London Evening Standard puts it. Now I take issue with a few things here. The London property market, not to mention the property market in many places around the country, like in Bristol, is booming out of control. Ordinary people cannot get near the property ladder, the social cleansing that is happening in the capital because of the benefits caps is being widened by the inability of Londoners to live in their own city.

Sugar is not in the least bothered by the plight of ordinary Londoners, concerning himself with the luxury apartments being sold by own of his own businesses which start at a mere £8m each.

Corbyn’s comments on housing are hardly controversial, calling for an additional council and housing association houses to be built every year and trying to cap rents. Whilst Corbyn is light on how his policies would be paid for, as aspirations they are reasonable enough, but even this is too much for Sugar, who adds: “If they ever got into power that would create a lot of problems.” Problems for the likes of Sugar, perhaps, who might not be able to coin in quite so many millions, although it would hardly see him visiting a food bank like a million of his fellow citizens how to do last year.

The Labour Party is better off without the likes of Sugar. I am loathe to get into the “Tory-lite”, “right wing” labels that get attached to some people, usually attached by the far left to anyone who is not of the far left, but by his words, his deeds and his actions, it is clear that there is no “lite” about it: Sugar is a Tory.

I certainly have major doubts about Jeremy Corbyn’s suitability to lead the Labour Party, never mind the country, doubts which have grown since his election as leader, rather than declined, but I will not take lessons in socialism from someone who is, on the face of it, about as socialist as George Osborne