Did you see the same sex dance routine on Strictly Come Dancing’s results show featuring Johannes Radebe and Graziano di Prima? I thought it was rather lovely and really not shocking at all. Put it this way, the world didn’t end. However, an excerpt from the BBC website did make me chuckle:

Some viewers suggested ratings could drop as a result of the inclusion of same-sex dancing. Several readers contacted BBC News to say they would stop watching Strictly if same-sex couples became a regular feature of the show.

I mean, really! I’ll tell you something, though: what will these people watch instead of Strictly in order to avoid seeing gay people? And just wait until they find out that Graham Norton, Alan Carr and Julian Clary could be gay? It gets worse: there’s a gay rugby referee, so careful which rugby game you watch, especially if one of the pundits on the TV coverage is gay, too? This is a potential minefield.

Can I see what the minor fuss is all about? Sort of. I am going to be kind and say that the dissatisfied viewers are not all homophobic bigots. They may have never come across a gay person or they are shocked by the idea of someone being a bit different to them. Or perhaps they’re actually a little insecure about their own sexuality? Anyway, they have every right to change channels and watch the X Factor because Louis Walsh isn’t on anymore. And although Simon Cowell might be as camp as a row of tents don’t worry: he’s A Real Man, straight as a die. Better still, watch a movie, say Brokeback Mountain or Philadelphia, perhaps?

The same-sex dance is another step along the road to true equality, where it would seem as mad for a gay person to have to come out as it would a straight person.

And after Sunday. the world is still turning and nobody died.