At least Bono has had the good grace to apologise after serious allegations were made about bullying and abuse at his charity One. The lead singer of the Irish popular beat combo outfit U2 acted when it became clear that former employees sought to take legal action against the charity. Worth a mere $600 million, I suppose Bono could deal with most types of problems that come his way. I am no fan of the man himself but I do respect someone who is big enough to say sorry. The British Red Cross has not managed to apologise to me, yet.

I have blogged before about the bullying and abuse I received from Red Cross employees and I am now in receipt of the report of their investigation in which they have concluded that the bullying and abuse never happened, that I must have imagined the mental breakdown it caused and that I must be a liar. It is my word against theirs, which is always a difficult proposition for the little guy (me) who is up against the huge wealthy international corporation (them) but here’s another thing: they conducted an investigation without interviewing me, without inviting me to provide evidence, without me being able to give my point of view. Some investigation.

If, like Bono’s charity, the Red Cross had made a simple apology and acknowledged the appalling behaviour of some of their staff, I could have moved on, but they could not bring themselves to do that. Fabulously rich, this worldwide humanitarian organisation would have access to the finest legal minds money could buy, I doubt I could even afford half an hour of legal advice from a local solicitor.

So my fight goes on, albeit at a very low level. I will be more of an irritating, buzzy fly than a serious threat. But I am not giving up. Red Cross CEO Mike Adamson (salary circa £180k per annum) has not even bothered to reply to my correspondence to date, plainly hoping I will go away so perhaps it’s time for me to write to the Red Cross’s corporate sponsors and ask their opinions.

Bullying is bullying, regardless as to whether it’s sexual abuse at Oxfam or bullying and abuse at the Red Cross. Both have to be challenged and I am not giving up a least until they say sorry.