At the daily press conference, the Great British Public gets daily praise from the second-rate politician of Dominic Cummings’ choice. The success of the government’s strategy to deal with Covid-19 is all down to us. They asked us to stay home, although they should actually have told us to stay at home, in order to protect the NHS and Save Lives. That will be the success that translates into a record death toll in Europe, only 57,000 tests today, over 6000 new cases and a lockdown that isn’t and has never been a lockdown, which is plainly being ignored by many thousands of people. I’ve absolutely had enough of it.

We have followed the government instructions pretty well to the letter. We observe social distancing, we don’t go in anyone else’s houses, we do not have family barbecues and we have our brief period of exercise when the mood takes me, which is not everyday. I have seen blatant rule-breaking by some people and some absolute horror stories from friends. I’m not comfortable with dobbing people in to the authorities but along our road there are very angry people who are.

I’ve seen my sons on one occasion since lockdown began and that was for a funeral and I miss them like hell. I miss my surviving in laws and the wider family, I miss my friends. I feel by not meeting up with them to socialise I am potentially not infecting them with a deadly virus. After six weeks, or however long it is, I can get irrational about it. Why the hell am I bothering?

Even for special occasions, I am not attending because I am supposed to ‘stay home’ (sic). I’m not even supposed to make my way, safely, across town and then meet up with friends and family and socialise at a safe distance. That’s the law. Meanwhile, perhaps many thousands, of others are doing what the hell they like. Joggers and cyclists jog and cycle vast distances across town and deep into the countryside. Why?

It’s simple: the rules are ambiguous. They’re nothing like as severe as lockdowns abroad. I am told if the police are informed, they rarely attend the ‘scene of the crime’ and even when they do it’s a mere “tut tut; don’t do that again!”

We’re now being told that Boris Johnson will address the country on Sunday night to explain the ‘road map’ on how we come out of the non-existent lockdown. The media is playing down the amount by which Johnson will Johnson will ease it, so he is bound to go further than some people are expecting. And anyway, half the country won’t believe a single word he will say, anyway.

We’re told people are getting tired of lockdown but the reality is many have been ignoring it from the start, ignoring it and taking the piss. That’s because it was always a half-arsed lockdown, in common with the government’s woeful handling of the epidemic. The government’s message has always been weak, too many people have taken advantage of its weakness. I am not going to do anything that’s likely to kill anyone but sticking to the letter of the law is not something I can guarantee in the coming days and weeks.