I’ve given him a fair chance. I was devastated when Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie (RadMac) left the afternoon show on BBC 6 Music to be replaced by Shaun Keaveny from the breakfast show. I rarely listened to the breakfast show when Keaveny was the host. His monotonal delivery style, accompanied by far too much dead air was the last thing I wanted in the morning. Now, it’s the last thing I need in the afternoon.

RadMac have, over many years, greatly influenced my musical tastes in the same way Bob Harris provided the soundtrack of my youth. Whilst they are both smart and funny, it is always about the music with them. Happily, they are still on the station, albeit on the weekend breakfast show. Unhappily, with Keaveny, the music appears to be of secondary importance. The show seems to revolve around his ‘personality’. In this case, this is not A Good Thing.

On the contrary, Keaveny witters. He witters constantly, often employing daft voices for no obvious reasons. Where RadMac added colour to the music they played, Keaveny presents the music as an added extra. It’s a grim listen.

At least the weekday breakfast show has improved infinitely with the wonderful Lauren Laverne in charge. But even that can’t make up for what 6 Music has done to the afternoon show.

VERDICT: dreadful. 0/5.