I haven’t got a lot to say that hasn’t already been said about the death of Henry Vincent, as he attempted to rob from 78 year old Richard Osborn-Brooks and ended up dying from a stab wound from the very weapon, a screwdriver, he could have used to inflict a similar fate on Mr Osborn-Brooks. I am not interested in the fact Vincent was a gypsy. If he had been an Oxford don, I’d have still described him as a piece of human excrement for what he did.

Do I have sympathy for Vincent’s family? Honestly? I feel nothing. A family has lost one of their own, I suppose they are bound to grieve, even if they know he was a career criminal, a loser and a lowlife. He was someone’s son, someone’s etc etc. However, I have nothing but contempt for what has happened since.

Mr Osborn-Parks may never go home again. Vincent’s family/friends/whoever, have been created a shrine opposite Mr Osborn-Parks’s house, which has been dismantled every time by angry people. Look. If these people want to grieve, then let them grieve as normal people do, in private, in their own space. Instead, they choose to grieve at the very place their odious family member or friend attempted to destroy someone else’s life. They are not the sharpest tools in the box, are they? And now, the victim – and make no mistake, Mr Osborn-Parks is and will always be the victim – loses his home.

Think about being that old, living with a disabled partner, facing the prospect of leaving your own home because you were burgled by a man who brought with him a weapon with which he could have killed you. It must have been absolutely terrifying. I don’t want to go down the road of calling Mr Osborn-Parks a hero, or suggesting he should be knighted: it’s more serious than that. The truth is that Vincent died by the weapon he could have used on this victim and potentially many more in the future. The trauma Mr Osborn-Parks and his wife must have suffered, and are still suffering, must be immense. The poor man will have to live with the fact he killed a man purely in self-defence. He did what any one of us with his courage would probably have done. I’ll be the last thing he wants is to be thrust front and centre stage.

It’s all much more complicated than most of us can ever imagine. This poor man and his disabled wife will have their lives changed forever by someone else’s recklessness and greed. Burglars are the lowest of the low. That’s one for Vincent’s family and friends to dwell on when they turn up night after night adding fuel to the fire. They’re making things worse for everyone. How can that be right?