Some people really deserve the worst things to happen to them?

Including cancer? According to this bloke they do.

by Rick Johansen

Allow me to introduce to you Chris Keithley. Chris has ‘open’ accounts on X and Facebook and he doesn’t appear to be a very nice person. That’s his photo at the head of this blog, which I’ve borrowed from his Facebook account. Anyway, here’s why he isn’t a very nice person.

The Labour MP Chris Bryant yesterday revealed that he was suffering from skin cancer. He went on X to thank people for their “lovely messages of support”. Although I don’t know Mr Bryant, I greatly admire him as a politician, I wish him well too, as I would with anyone with cancer of any kind. Mr Keithley doesn’t wish Mr Bryant well. On the contrary, he wishes him ill. Here is a screen shot of his comments:

Mr Keighley seems to have an agenda against Mr Bryant. What can it be, then?

Chris Bryant is a Labour MP so maybe that’s it, then. Mr Keighley doesn’t like Labour MPs in general so perhaps he thinks they all deserve to die of cancer? It’s an extreme view, I’d say, and not one I’d share with someone of any political party. I certainly didn’t celebrate when Nigel Farage, who I hate with every fibre of my being, suffered from testicular cancer and I certainly didn’t think Farage deserved it. Or does Mr Keithley have another agenda?

Bryant is openly gay and has been ‘out’ for a very long time. Despite living in these more enlightened times, there are still those who are homophobic, perhaps out of ignorance, their own sexual insecurities or maybe both. Is that the reason Mr Keighley believes that “some people really deserve the worst things to happen to them”?

Well, who knows? Perhaps, Mr Keighley simply wants Chris Bryant to die and it really is as simple as that. After all, he doesn’t make clear his reason. Unfortunately, he has put his name out there now and it’s for him to deal with the consequences. His X account has already been suspended which, I suppose, is something.

I don’t have the levels of hate in me to wish him ill, certainly not to get cancer or any other unpleasant medical condition. Presumably, he must feel he has his reasons for wanting Chris Bryant to die, but I cannot wish the same to him.

I would like him to explain his reasoning for the hatred and the ill wishes. One might assume that he meant what he said, so perhaps he may need to tell us why? Or shall we just leave it, make a note of our one and only internet engagement with Mr Keighley and forget all about him?

If you’re “rooting for” cancer, you have to concede that this is not a mainstream point of view. I have not come across many cancer fans, except until now. It’s very odd, very weird and, yes, very unpleasant.

Mr Keighley claims in his profile to be a Sunderland supporter.  I am not entirely sure how his viewpoint sits with all the sympathy generated a few years ago when the young Sunderland supporter Bradley Lowery tragically died of cancer aged six. Young Bradley’s story touched us all, including, I would like to think, Mr Keithley.

At times, we all speak without first engaging brain. God knows I have often enough. It could that this is what has happened here. There’s enough hate in the world without wishing people to die of cancer.

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