It’s been interesting to read social networks and follow the debate in the media following the Russian chemical attack on Britain. Not for the first time, I am going to use someone else’s twitter comment to make my point for me, not least on the grounds that an Oxford professor might just be a little smarter than someone with one O level.

“Anyway, Putin is winning. He’s demonstrated that London will only administer a slap on the wrist, subverted the official Opposition, spread doubt, division and disinformation in every direction. He’s good at this,” says Professor Glen O’Hara of Oxford Brookes University who, like me, is now politically homeless. Every word is true.

More than anything, Putin loves to sow the seeds of division and the free world suffers because of it. As Donald Trump’s presidency continues to unravel, it will become clear just how much Russia has been interfering. As Britain leaves Europe, to both Putin and Trump’s delight, I have no doubt that there will be, and have been, Russian involvement. Salisbury is part of it.

Hard left apologists for Russia carry out Putin’s work for him. Jeremy Corbyn’s woeful reaction to the chemical weapon attacks on English soil will have seen the Champagne corks popping in the Kremlin. Now, the useful idiots of the hard left bring forth their ludicrous conspiracy theories, devoid of evidence, to muddy the waters, to further divide an already disastrously divided, and weakened, Britain. Yes, Putin is good at this.

For once, Theresa May, that most useless of prime ministers, has got something right. Listen, this time, to what she has been saying about the chemical attack and not her bellicose foreign secretary. Remember, too, that Labour’s policies are literally being made by a fully paid-up Stalinist. You must be able to see what’s going on here. Of course this is the work of Putin. There is no likely alternative. I would suggest that if you say this is not, or may not be, the work of Putin, you are either from the far right (Trump, Farage) or the far left.

In any event, Britain is in terrible trouble. Far from taking back control, we are losing power and influence by the day. We may not like the government but that’s not the point. It was not the vicar’s daughter May who carried out the assessments on who was responsible for Salisbury or indeed tested the chemicals concerned. This goes way behind mere domestic politics.

Putin must be absolutely loving this. He has tested the UK and knows we have been found wanting. And we are beginning to discover what a lonely world this can be.