“Dear tourist”, tweets the woman who used to be on the Apprentice, immediately after yesterday’s incident outside the Natural History Museum, “right now London is not worth the risk. Utter bastard.” Did you see what she did there? She assumed, probably hoped, that it was terrorism so that she could generate a little extra publicity, get a few extra retweets. What a sad, pitiful woman she is.

I am not going to pretend that acts of terrorism don’t affect the way I feel about things. I don’t spend my entire life looking suspiciously at everyone whose skin is a different colour to mine, wondering if they might be another suicide murderer. But by the same token, I am more aware of my own environment, more suspicious, than I used to be. What I don’t do is stop me doing the things I want to do. I have not been put off going to Barcelona, Paris, London or Las Vegas for that matter by terrorism and mass murder. The woman who used to be on the Apprentice, whether in the pursuit of building her own ego or because she actually means it, urges others to do exactly that. If you were a member of the murderous ISIS sect, her Mail column would be an essential read for you.

How does it benefit anyone to cower before terrorists and to urge others to likewise? It doesn’t, does it? Best stay at home. It’s not worth the risk. The odds of anyone get caught up in islamist terrorism is minuscule but don’t let that simple facts get in the way of trying to spread fear and feeding the egos of the terrorists. although the collapse in the pound might make tourism attractive to foreign folk, just don’t come over here.

How did that woman feel when she discovered later that the incident was no act of terrorism. Whatever the “utter bastard” did – and don’t forget that at the time of writing we have no idea – it doesn’t appear to be on behalf of some ragbag fascist lunatic cult.

Imagine if people like her had been around during World War Two. “Dear Americans, right now Europe is not worth the risk. Utter bastard.” She’d have told the allies to leave old Adolf to it because all this resistance would be pointless and ultimately futile. How appropriate that she writes (so badly) for the Mail, the one British newspaper that literally did support Hitler before the war and whose owner thought Hitler to be a jolly good chap. Like leopards, it seems that newspapers never change their spots.

What the woman who used to be on the Apprentice does is very easy. Pandering to prejudices is what sells newspapers like the Mail and the Sun. Anyone who can string a couple of words together which appear to reinforce those prejudices can quickly achieve a strange combination of popularity and notoriety. This is what has made the likes of Richard Littlejohn, Rod Liddle and the woman who used to be on the Apprentice read by so many and made them so rich.

The “everything is broken and nothing works” world of the Mail is corrosive to our society. Look at social networks and the country is going to the dogs. This is far from the truth, but when the false agendas endlessly repeated, mud sticks.

London, like Barcelona and Paris and Las Vegas, is open for business. Be apprehensive, be careful, keep your eyes open but don’t follow the advice of the woman who used to be on the Apprentice. Unless you want terrorism to win, that is.