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Sharp dressed man

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Sharp dressed man

House of Commons speaker John Bercow set the cat among the pigeons (not literally) yesterday when he announced to MPs that they didn’t need to wear a tie. They merely needed to appear business-like. In 2017, it is amazing that an issue about this provokes interest and, indeed, criticism. I am delighted that parliament is finally getting up to date.

To my partner’s long term disappointment and frustration, I am not likely to be described as the world’s best dressed man, unless you regard the height of fashion as being jeans, three-quarter lengths and shorts. I simply do not see the point of ties in the same way as I see the need to wear underpants, for example. Ties just hang around your neck doing absolutely nothing and what’s the point of wearing something that is of no practical use, other than it supposedly looks nice?

I don’t even like wearing shirts or polo shirts because I have an inexplicable issue with buttons. I have never got on with buttons of any kind on any aspect of clothing. So, when you see me wearing a suit, which will only be at a job interview, a wedding or a funeral, you will see the most uncomfortable person in the world. My partner will humour me by saying how lovely I look in a suit, something I find very hard to believe when I look in the mirror and see what I don’t want to see (which is also why you rarely see me posting selfies).

If I was king of the world, I would introduce a law where people could wear what they wanted. I know there are times, like weddings, funerals, job interviews etc where there is a uniform of appropriate clothing and we would probably need to introduce transitional arrangements, but why not tell people they can wear what they want? When I die, I will leave clear instructions that anyone who can be bothered to attend my funeral should not wear a bloody suit but instead whatever they feel comfortable in. I’d be dead anyway so it’s not as if I could complain. If it’s hot and sunny – and that would be typical of my luck – people could wear shorts or three-quarters, T shirts or polos, even a vest. But please, not a suit. Let’s face it, we all know someone who could wear the finest Armani suit in the world and still look like Worzel Gummidge.

It’s dress down Friday today but then I regard every day as dress down day. Let’s keep uniforms for school, the armed forces, hospitals and that sort of thing, but in every day life let folk wear what they like. If I never have to wear a tie again it will be a day too soon.

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