The good news for me is that I’m in a half-decent place in the mental health department. I have no idea just why this should be since I am not a psychotherapist. It could be one thing, it could be loads of things. If I did know what was making me feel better, then I’d bottle the stuff right away.

In the continued absence of any therapy, I am effectively self-treating at the moment. I’ve carried out industrial sized mutings and blackings on social networks, I’ve made decisions, major and minor, to cut out negativity in my own life and the influences of negativity by the actions of others, I’ve tried to manage my time better and concentrate more on the things that matter in life and not on the things that don’t. I appreciate that this reads as a big sweep. It’s not specific and probably means little to my loyal reader. I gambling that by cutting out the crap, my mental health might improve. So far, so good.

Still nothing from the bullies and abusers of the British Red Cross, which is a bit of a disappointment. I have thought this through so much that, at least for now, I am not waking up in the middle of the night reliving the terrible experiences this giant, world renowned charity inflicted upon me. Perhaps the CEO, Mike Adamson, is looking into the comments I made in each of the three letters I sent to him, considering the internal report compiled without even bothering to interview me and conducted by a close acquaintance of the main abuser. If Mr Adamson is going to earn his circa £180k basic pay, I would imagine he would realise that independent reports are not usually compiled by friends of the abusers and where the victim’s story is almost entirely ignored. But then, so far my experience is that the Red Cross feels it is never wrong about anything and circles the wagons when wrongdoing has occurred.

Apart from that, life goes on. I’m not sure that self-medication has much of a long term future and worry that perhaps soon things will go wrong again. If they do, perhaps by then the NHS may just have gotten its act together. At least in some ways I have managed to do that.