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Self-indulgent Thursday tea time music shuffle (29/6)

Comments Off on Self-indulgent Thursday tea time music shuffle (29/6) 29 June 2017

Self-indulgent Thursday tea time music shuffle (29/6)

It’s cool, it’s cloudy, it’s Thursday and I’m in my Man Cave.

Let’s have a bonus music shuffle from the old iPod, played at excess volume through my little speaker.

Welcome my friends to the show that never ends. ‘Ere we go, 2,3,4.

1. Missed the Boat by Modest Mouse. From their epic album We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, this features the guitar work of erstwhile member Johnny Marr.

2. Willie and the Hand Jive by Eric Clapton. As I say about so much of Slowhand’s stuff, this was not his finest moment, but then after Cream and then Layla, he hasn’t had all that many.

3. Their Hearts Were Full of Spring by the Beach Boys. From their 1993 record Live at the Paramount Center of the Arts, this is an old Four Freshmen classic. Even in middle age, the boys sound good here.

4. All Alone by Dennis Wilson. A bonus track from Dennis Wilson’s re-released Pacific Ocean Blue which is a truly great album.

5. Captain Jack by Billy Joel. Little known classic by the great man.

6. It’s Summer by the Temptations. “There’s magic in the air. Winter disappear, it’s summer.” Quite.

7. Politics and Time by Misdemeanor. Bristol’s greatest band bar none. Access their music through iTunes. Proper guitar stuff.

8. Moonrise by Nitin Sawhney. Lovely tune, featuring Cheb Mami on Arabic vocals, from the Prophesy record.

9. Bad Boy Boogie by AC/DC. Featuring the lacerating voice of Bon Scott, this little gem comes from If You Want Blood You’ve Got It (Live).

10. My Propellor by Arctic Monkeys. Humbug! What a record!

That’s all, folks!

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