As the UK heads for a cliff-edge Brexit, with untold damage about to be self-inflicted upon us, it is now becoming clear what it is all about for the big hitters in the Tory party: it’s about power. Repeating the straight lie that by leaving the EU Britain sets to gain, or rather regain, £350 million a week to invest in the NHS, Boris Johnson is, once again, putting his own vanity and ambition above the interests of the country. Johnson wants to be prime minister and nothing else matters.

Never forget that before the ill-fated EU referendum last year, Johnson believed that the EU was not responsible for Britain’s problems and it was desirable for us to remain. Or, to put it another way, Johnson believed that it suited his political ambitions to support remaining in the EU. Then, Johnson made a calculated decision to support leaving the EU. Everything that has happened since proves, beyond reasonable doubt, that Johnson believes in one thing and one thing only: Boris Johnson.

Set aside his narcissism, his wholly contrived clown-like behaviour and his ruthless ambition, and you have a man who is, in fact, a canny operator. Beyond rampant free market capitalism, I doubt that Johnson believes in anything, other than himself. Michael Gove snatched from his grasp the chance to be PM last summer. You can bet Johnson won’t let the opportunity slip again.

Brexit is going to be at the very least extremely damaging to our country and at worst a disaster. Johnson knows that a violent, chaotic Brexit suits his aims, helps him fulfil his ambitions. The cliff-edge of a crashed economy is for Johnson a massive opportunity, almost a necessary set of circumstances.

A strong prime minister would never have appointed Johnson as foreign secretary and would certainly have sacked Johnson after his latest calculated intervention to undermine the government. No way is Johnson fit to be PM, but it is becoming increasingly likely that he will succeed May. If you think things are messy now, wait until Johnson enters number ten. May will indeed appear “strong and stable” by comparison.