Rishi thinks just let people die and that’s okay

by Rick Johansen

Rishi thinks just let people die and that’s okay.”

Most people who die have reached their time anyway.”

One, a direct quote from Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnsons’ top advisor when Covid came along. Two, an actual quote from the actual prime minister at the time, Boris Johnson. MOST PEOPLE WHO DIE HAVE REACHED THEIR TIME ANYWAY. Hang on, isn’t a government’s first and main job to ensure the people who elected it don’t die, or am I living in a strange, parallel universe where we elect people specifically to let us die, maybe even to kill us? In which case, call the UK the new Nazi Germany. Because that is what these quotes from Sir Patrick Vallance’s diary say.

Vallance was only the government’s scientific advisor during Covid, that’s all, so clearly his views didn’t count for much. That’s why, in the summer of 2020, the then chancellor, Rishi Sunak, brought in “Eat Out To Help Out” (EOTHO) whereby the government bribed us with our own money to eat out. “Eat Out To Help The Virus” is what Chris Whitty , the country’s chief medical officer, called it.

Sunak lied, as usual, in telling us that the scientific and medical community offered no objection to EOTHO but that’s because he never mentioned it to him. The first time experts knew of EOTHO was after Sunak had announced it.

All this stuff rings completely true. After all, Johnson said “Let the bodies pile high” rather than impose another lockdown, as confirmed by Cummings. Hmm. Those bodies, eh? Someone’s mum, dad, grandparent, husband or wife … Christ … someone’s child. But that’s okay, said Boris Fucking Johnson, because, “Most people who die have reached their time anyway.”

Older readers may remember how we all stood on our doorsteps every Thursday night clapping the NHS heroes of Covid, encouraged by – oh yes – Johnson and Sunak, while behind the mask they were sniggering, because if someone else’s loved one dies, it’s okay. Rishi said.

I am far more inclined to believe what Sir Patrick Vallance has said instead of the lies from Johnson and Sunak. And when we were attending sparsely attended funerals, by government diktat, those two little toads were partying like it was 1999. After hearing Vallance today, I could not, really could not, hate Johnson and Sunak any more. They shouldn’t be in office: they should be in prison. For murder.

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