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Real man

My utter disillusionment with football reached new levels of despair when I read that West Brom’s Jake Livermore went into the crowd after a braindead halfwit made a disparaging remark about the death of his baby son in 2014. I’m just trying to get my head round that. The miscreant was removed from the Olympic Stadium and, unsurprisingly given the awful memories this must have brought back from Livermore, the player says he does not wish to press charges. I am not a hanger and a flogger but I am not sure I would be as civilised as him.

Yes, it’s one idiot. I know that. I am surrounded by dubious banter week in and week out when I go to the football and most of those who deal in it do not have a vicious bone in their bodies. I don’t care for the line that Bristol Rovers fans sing about “the only good City fan is one who’s dead” for very personal reasons following the deaths of City fans I have known, but I do not believe people literally mean it. I bite my tongue these days. I have heard worse – much worse – at the Rovers, and elsewhere, over the years, though little as bad as the crap Livermore had to face.

What makes people do it? I was at the Rovers a few years ago when we played Millwall. Neil Harris got the ball and as he ran past, one Gashead shouted loudly “Harris – you fucking eunuch”, a reference to the testicle cancer from which he had bravely recovered. The Rovers fan was a drunken man in his late fifties, I’d guess, and a few of his mates thought it hilarious. I spoke to the steward who didn’t hear it. Then what do you do? He was not every Gashead but I felt dreadful for the rest of the game. Players do hear abuse. Some of it is beyond acceptable. I don’t suppose losing a testicle to cancer was part of Harris’s plans.

I have friends who suffered the loss of babies and it has stayed with them since and will stay with them forever. The abuser of Jake Livermore, if he was a real man, would stand in front of the public, or better still a court of law, and apologise unreservedly for his comments. Then he should ask to meet Livermore and apologise in person. But then, a real man would never have made the comments in the first place.

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